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These are the models that I offer They have evolved through my years as a luthier and inspired me to become better at my craft. I wish they can inspire you as well.


At first this guitar was an attempt to create a modern version of the early Stauffer guitars with all its traditional appointment.


Since the start it has developed into what you see in these pictures.


Rich voice in a small package, a high performance 12-fret guitar.


  • Scale Length: 24.9"

  • Body Length: 470mm (18.5")

  • Upper Bout: 243mm (9.6")

  • Waist: 192mm (7.8")

  • Lower bout: 340mm (13.4")

  • Nut width: 45mm (1.77")

Orchestra Model

Based on Martins Orchestra model this guitar is the result of my journeyman letter. Hard work pays off.


A great sounding guitar, responsive with focused depth.


This is a good choice for the finger style guitarist.


  • Scale Length: 25.5"

  • Body Length: 488mm (19.2") 

  • Upper Bout: 275mm (10.8")

  • Waist: 233mm (9.17")

  • Lower bout: 380mm (14.9")

  • Nut width 45mm (1.77")


Dreadnought, as the British battleship this guitar is large and powerful.

High volume and high performance with no compromises in playability.


Move seamlessly through clear treble and rumbling depths.


  • Scale Length: 25.5"

  • Body Length: 505mm (19.8")

  • Upper Bout: 292mm (11.4")

  • Waist: 267mm (10.5")

  • Lower bout: 400mm (15.7")

  • Nut width: 45mm (1.77")

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