My name is Carl Åberg and I’m from Sweden.

I was born into a family where music plays a big role in the everyday living.

During my childhood years I was always fascinated about how things worked and I used to dismantle my toys out of curiosity.

 At the age of twelve I first came in contact with the guitar and since then I wanted to figure out how it worked. I fell in love with the instrument.

 have studied music at  high school for 3 years where the guitar was my main instrument, along with piano, choir and the numerous rock bands at my spare time. I also studied sound engineering and acoustics.

After high school I learnt that there was a school in Stockholm called the “Academy of Musical Instruments”. I applied as fast as i could, and I got in! I spent three years in this school learning how to build various types of guitars, everything from classical, steel string acoustic, arch top and electric guitars. Although I enjoyed building every guitar I felt a special connection to the steel string acoustic guitar. During my studies I spent a short period as an apprentice at an organ builder where i deepened my understanding about acoustics and woodworking. During the third year of my education I passed the difficult test and received a journeyman’s certificate as a luthier and a medal for my hard work.

The guitar have been in my life for well over a decade now, I cannot describe how much joy it has given me and

my goal is to give this back in form of beautiful and unique guitars. Your dream guitar.